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Webgl Sidescroller

Filed under: Randome stuff — Ramon @ 15:42

Here is a simple test, doing a smooth scrolling 2d tile engine with a 2d Javascript array as a map.

Before you try it.
make sure your browsers is compatible with Webgl with the latest graphics drivers

Side Scroller1
Does it scroll?

Side Scroller2
Collision detection testing with the tile engine.

Side Scroller3
Smooth side scrolling platform.
Now in 8 directions

Side Scroller4
Smooth side scrolling platform.
Use the directional keys to control the robot, and use up to fly up.

Side Scroller5
Now with some collision with the floor and walls.

anyway, if you are interested you can always view the codes
and feel free to make a comments or promotions on your latest pharmaceutical products
(which I will remove them as soon as possible)


Webgl Columns clone

Filed under: Randome stuff — Ramon @ 12:45

Currently working on a Columns clone on Webgl.
*Flash Back, remember that old puzzle game on the Sega Genesis*

Currently it’s playable on Firefox 5, or maybe 4 too.
But please try it out.

But somehow, due to some weird Javascript bugs.
This game doesn’t work on Google Chrome, or probably also other webkit related browsers.

It’s playable now.
But you can’t read or see any of the Canvas text
I still need to find a way to work with Canvas and Webgl together



Filed under: Randome stuff — Ramon @ 12:38

feel so uninspired….

Hope I can find something to do either with Canvas, WordPress or Webgl,
then wasting my time on 99Exploit.

I also added a new web design.
I hope I can reach the 50 designs milestone until the end of this year.


What is it with these premium themes?

Filed under: Randome stuff — Ramon @ 16:06

Well, since recently I’ve been working on a fairly complicated theme option for WordPress,
similar to those functionality that you can find under the hood of a premium theme.

For the admin menu, I’m using accordion slide panel, so I can have more stuff prop into one page.
And when it’s finish, it would have a functional and configurable Slideshow, layouts, header, background
and also a function to insert Google analytic codes inside the theme
So I hope that it will be enough to be accepted by Themeforest or any other theme markets sites around

By the way, I think I like most of the premiums that I’ve seen at Themeforest and elegantthemes
They all have those modern, squeaky “CLEAN” web2.0 feel to it, they are so easy to look at.
Unlike all those uninspired designs that I had seen at (cough)crowdsourcing (cough) sites
they all stink with the overused of horrible, horrible stock images that you can find anywhere else where.

Bah, I haven’t been tinkering with Webgl for some time now
but I think games like “Terraria” would be perfect for it, since it’s so small
and the browsers would be like the perfect NES


Modern Bullshit.

Filed under: Randome stuff — Ramon @ 21:13

Modern bullshit:
Twitter, do I need to twit? Is it necessary for every annoying mortals to include a twitter on the footer his website page?
Like lol, “I just ate a pizza, I think I’ll twit that”,that’s probably only someone like Kanye West would do.
Or maybe Osama should have twit too, before he got assassinated.
“loyal, believers, I’m going to paint my beard black, Have to look good before I make a terrorist home video”for the Great Satan”

And second, I also wish that Webgl was more like the old Opengl ES but without the SLang
or maybe I just wish it was just like the ole Opengl 2.0, just like how I used to program it on the windows with the free Borland Compiler.
But maybe it is just me, being too lazy to learn SLang and how I can get the up most from Webgl.

I also implement some Jquery animations into the front page navigation tabs and titles
This is a front-page function only and uses simple straight forward codes with the is_front_page function so it would
not mess up with all mine Webgl and canvas scripts.

I hope this is the last time for me tweaking on the design, I’ve to be careful not to accidentally bloating code and look of this site.

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